Why Skype piano lessons

High-quality standards

I've 7 years full-time experience in teaching piano. I've studied at a prestigious conservatoire (Prins Claus Conservatorium), and I've performed internationally hundreds of times with famous players. I can also offer great audio/video quality on Skype: I'm using 2 high-end videocameras, professional lighting and microphones. Check my setup!

Convenience and accessibility

Are you from a densely populated city, and going to your local music school would take you lots of time? Are you from a remote area or simply can't find any teachers with my quality standards nearby? Or do you simply enjoy being at home? Are you affected by a disability that doesn't allow you to go out by yourself easily? Skype piano lessons might be a great solution!

Integration with Youtube and Google Classroom

The content of our lessons and of my Youtube channel will be closely linked, so you will be able to prepare for a lesson by watching my videos. This way we can save a lot of precious time during the lesson! In addition, Google Classroom will allow us to stay organized by keeping track of what we do, managing online assignments and having every chart we use in one folder.

Record all your lessons

Skype allows you to easily record all your piano lessons. This is huge! In my experience students often forget what we talked about, or they often wish they could listen once more to what we played during the lesson. No more thanks to Skype!

What I offer

Giacomo Caruso - Skype piano teacher

About Me

Hi, I am Giacomo, a young pianist with a lot of international experience (I played in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Italy). I've studied at the prestigious Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, the Netherlands. I am 30, and I've given piano lessons since I was 17. I play and teach any styles (classical, pop, blues), and I am specialized in jazz music. If you want, you can learn more about me.

My approach

I teach any style to people of all ages and levels. The more you practice, the faster you will improve, so my job is to show you the joy of practicing and playing music. We will do what you enjoy doing, which in my experience is the key to become great musicians. You will be able to try any number of things:

  • both reading notes and playing by ear;
  • interpreting classical pieces;
  • playing chords and improvising on them;
  • music theory, which will open the doors to your own creativity and will allow you to
  • compose and arrange your own songs;
  • ear training, which allows us to play more comfortably with bandmates and to become better improvisers.

Check out my Youtube channel to get an idea of how and what I teach, but remember that I always adapt my approach to my students, so the way I will teach you will always be unique.



Weekly lessons of 30 minutes €25 per lesson, paid monthly
Weekly lessons of 50 minutes
€40 per lesson, paid monthly
Single lesson of 30 minutes €30
Single lesson of 50 minutes €45
Try-out lesson (30 minutes) FREE

All prices include taxes. Payment method: PayPal.